Company Summary
Trade nameInakappe Ltd
Head office2954 Amatsu Kamogawa-shi Chibaken 299-5503 JAPAN
Tel 04-7094-0323
Fax 04-7094-0343
FoundationMay. 15, 1998
Capital9,630,000 yen
RepresentativeYamato Okano
Affiliated CompanyKappe Inc
May 1998Inakappe Ltd foundation
Commercial Registration in Kamogawa City.
Jun 1998OCN Economy Circuit
Jul 1998Hosting Service Offer start.
Mar 1999send to staff to building DLTV-Server for the Royal Family in Thailand.
Apr 1999Chiba Office Transference
housing Service Start
Jul 1999Kappe Second NOC Establishment
Aug 1999OCN Standard Circuit
Apr 2000Kappe Inc foundation
May 2001Kappe Inc Transference to Kappe EAST in Chiba.
Apr 2004Kappe EAST / WEST both buildings by the buying and selling with the bayland Ltd.
May 2006Kappe Inc increase the capital to 29,970 capital 1,000 yen
Inakappe Ltd increase the capital to 9,630 capital 1,000 yen
Sep 2007Kappe Inc Teruyuki Sato takes office as President-Director newly
Oct 2008Kappe EAST redecorate the first floor & studio CoCoLo Start